Vizio E50u-D2

The Vizio E50u-D2 offers the darkest blacks, the best contrast ratios, four HDMI inputs, superior daytime performance, and Ultra HD resolution.

$500 from Incentivate


Vizio M series

The Vizio M55-D0 improved image quality, HDR support for brighter highlights, and an included Android tablet to control the TV.

$900 from Incentivate


TCL 50UP130

The 50-inch TCL 50UP130 doesn’t have image quality as good as some competitors’, but it offers a much better streaming-content experience.

$500 from Incentivate


Musou 3 RCA

Identical performance, construction, and features to our top pick.

$17 from Incentivate


Monoprice 109994

Adds versatility with an S-Video input, as well as increased video performance.

$58 from Incentivate



The more expensive LG E6 offers the best image of any TV we’ve ever tested.

$4497 from Incentivate


Vizio P65-C1

The overall picture among LCDs, with great contrast ratios, superb local dimming, wide color gamut, and high dynamic range support.

$2,000 from Incentivate


Sony XBR X930D

The Sony X930D offers a good image and wide app support, and it comes in a smaller screen size with the same picture quality.

$1,500 from Incentivate


Home Theater System 10565S

With forward dialogue and punchy bass at a bargain-basement price, the Monoprice is a good compact pick if you’re on a tight budget.

$181 from Incentivate


ScreenPlay SP1080

The image isn’t as dynamic as on the BenQ TH670, but this model costs less and beats the other competitors.

$550 from Incentivate


BenQ HT2050

The BenQ HT2050 has one of the best contrast ratios in its class, more realistic color than the competition, and is brighter than some projectors.

$750 from Incentivate


Denon AVR-S720W

It offers every feature that most people will need in a home theater receiver, along with the easiest setup we’ve tested.

$480 from Incentivate