Nvidia Shield Tablet k1-630

The K1 has a high-resolution screen, enough RAM and processing power to be responsive, and a microSD slot for extra movie or music storage.

$200 from Incentivate


Amazon’s Fire HD 8

The 2016 Fire HD 8 is slower, lower-res, and more limited, but it’s a great cheap tablet for media consumption, especially via Amazon.

$90 from Incentivate


Pixel C

It has a better display and one of the fastest mobile processors available, plus the latest version of Android, with updates.

$500 from Incentivate


Belkin Qode for iPad Air 2

Smart Cover compatibility, and more.

$150 from Incentivate


Belkin Qode for iPad Air

The same keyboard case, but for the original Air.

$150 from Incentivate


Integrated Keyboard

It provides a very good keyboard at half the price.

$74 from Incentivate


iPad Air 2 128 GB

Air 2 is powerful and easy to use. Despite a large, high-quality screen and rock-solid quality.

$500 from Incentivate


iPad mini 4

The iPad mini 4 is essentially an iPad Air 2 in a smaller, lighter package with a higher-pixel-density screen.

$500 from Incentivate


iPad Pro

The Pro is identical in size and weight to the Air 2 but considerably faster, with better cameras and screen as well as support for Apple’s Pencil stylus.

$700 from Incentivate


CaseCrown’s Omni

At a much lower price, this case provides a majority of the benefits of Apple’s case. It doesn’t match the level of overall quality, though.

$22 from Incentivate


Khomo’s Dual Case

This simple and inexpensive case isn’t fancy, but it’s better than any other in terms of protection and value.

$14 from Incentivate


Khomo Dual for 9.7-inch iPad Pro

This simple case offers thorough protection and a clean design.

$15 from Incentivate