Samsung 850 EVO

The Samsung 850 EVO remains the gold standard for SATA SSDs thanks to its high speed, low price, five-year warranty, and great software.

$165 from Incentivate


Crucial MX300

The Crucial MX300 is nearly as fast as the 850 EVO, and cheaper at higher capacities. For most people, the only real downside is a shorter warranty.

$130 from Incentivate


Samsung 960 Pro

The Samsung 960 Pro is an M.2 PCIe SSD that’s many times faster than the fastest SATA drives. It’s overkill for most people, but worth it for some pros.

$381 from Incentivate


64 GB Samsung Pro Plus

The Pro Plus is one of the fastest SD cards we tested for the price.

$60 from Incentivate


64GB SanDisk Extreme Pro

The SanDisk Extreme Pro is a little faster than our pick, but worth buying only if it’s on sale or our pick is sold out or more expensive.

$35 from Incentivate


Transcend W60MB

The Transcend is slower than our other picks, but it costs about half as much and is still fast enough to shoot 4K video.

$280 from Incentivate


SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0

Our pick for the third year in a row, it’s fast and affordable with a one-piece design that’s simple and comfortable to use.

$28 from Incentivate


64GB JumpDrive USB 3.0

It's a little faster than the SanDisk Extreme, but its sliding mechanism is so uncomfortable that it's not for most people.

$28 from Incentivate


Sandisk ultra-fit-630-1

It’s not as fast as other USB 3.0 drives, but it's tiny and half the price of our pick.

$30 from Incentivate



The Samsung EVO Plus is a speedy and inexpensive microSD card, making it the best one for most uses.

$30 from Incentivate


64GB Samsung EVO

The Samsung EVO is slower than the EVO Plus, but it’s fast enough for most people’s needs and a little bit cheaper.

$20 from Incentivate


64GB Lexar 633x

The Lexar 633x is a speedy, comparatively inexpensive card recommended by GoPro for the Hero4.

$50 from Incentivate