Uplift’s Standing Desk

The only serious competition to the Jarvis, Uplift has similar stability, a solid warranty, and a few different desktop and frame options.

$693 Incentivate


Ergo Desktop Kangaroo

It takes up less space than most regular-to-standing-desk “converters” we’ve seen, though we’re still testing.

$400 from Incentivate


AT&T TL96273k

The TL96273 has stellar audio quality even at long distances, a selection of useful features, and sells for a reasonable price.

$90 from Incentivate


VTech CS6719

If you’re looking for just one bare-bones cordless phone that can make calls from a landline or cable-company VoIP line.

$18 from Incentivate


Steelcase Gesture

It has a wider range of more easily accessible adjustments than any other chair, so you can feel fully supported in almost any position.

$1,031 from Incentivate


12 sheet cross cut

An easy-to-use, quick, affordable, and safe way to dispose of sensitive paperwork.We found it safe, inexpensive, and mostly jam-proof.

$45 from Incentivate



TurboTax asks all the right questions and discards the unnecessary ones—the easiest and most painless way to file your taxes online.

buy from turbo tax



For those who know a bit about their taxes but want something easier than paper, TaxAct is smart and secure, and can be free.

buy from tax act


13-inch MacBook Pro

It has the best balance of power and portability for a range of work, plus it has a fantastic screen, keyboard, and trackpad.

$1,500 from Incentivate


13-inch MacBook Air

It offers great performance and battery life in a slim and light aluminum body, making it ideal for daily home use.

$1,000 from Incentivate


Sony ICD-PX333

The Sony ICD-UX533 is a compact, capable, and easy-to-use audio recorder that provides crisp, clear audio in everyday recording situations.

$93 from Incentivate


Sony ICD-PX333

The Sony ICD-PX333 is a competent, inexpensive recorder, and heavier than our pick, as it uses two AAA batteries and can’t recharge via USB.

$46 from Incentivate


Pentel Sharp P200 Series

For those who want something a bit more traditional, there’s this option, with a famed design known for its construction and longevity.

$6 from Incentivate


Pentel Sharp Kerry

The Kerry has a slightly more refined look based on a traditional, capped pen. Its design is especially useful for lefties.

$12 from Incentivate


Pentel Graph Gear 1000

it is an excellent drafting pencil for its relatively low price. You get a retractable tip, metal body, knurled grip, and a lead hardness indicator.

$10 from Incentivate



The Milwaukee is strong enough for any household task, but it’s heavier and larger than the Bosch and doesn’t have as much run time.

$100 from Incentivate


Craftsman 17586 Nextec

The Craftsman doesn’t cost much, but it lacks the power of our pick and runner-up, and its lone battery will be frustrating for larger projects.

$50 from Incentivate


Bosch DDS181-02 18-Volt

Tested against nine 18-volt tools, this Bosch had the best combination of power, and it handled demanding work better than 12-volt drills.

$160 from Incentivate