BenQ TH670

Better contrast ratios and more accurate colors set this BenQ model apart from the competition.

$560 from Incentivate


ScreenPlay SP1080

The image isn’t as dynamic as on the BenQ TH670, but this model costs less and beats the other competitors.

$550 from Incentivate


BenQ HT2050

The BenQ HT2050 has one of the best contrast ratios in its class, more realistic color than the competition, and is brighter than some projectors.

$750 from Incentivate


BenQ HT1075

The BenQ HT1075 was our previous pick, and while the HT2050 is slightly better, they are very close in quality.

$730 from Incentivate


Epson 2040

Rainbows aren’t a concern for most people, but if they are for you, the Epson 2040 is a decent LCD pick.

$730 from Incentivate



It has best-in-class brightness, contrast ratio, and color accuracy for excellent image quality. It’s also quiet and can fit most rooms.

$750 from Incentivate


Denon AVR-S720W

It offers every feature that most people will need in a home theater receiver, along with the easiest setup we’ve tested.

$480 from Incentivate


KEF Q Series Q100

The KEF Q Series bookshelf speakers offer superior detail, clarity, and consistency (price per pair, two pairs needed for 5.1).

$340 from Incentivate


KEF Q Series Q200

KEF’s Q Series center channel brings that lineup’s impressive clarity to movie dialogue reproduction.

$500 from Incentivate


LG PH300

The LG PH300 isn’t as bright as the P300 and has a worse contrast ratio but has more accurate colors, an integrated TV tuner, and longer battery life.

$392 from Incentivate



If you need the absolute smallest size, the ASUS S1 is very tiny, includes a carrying case, and works well in low-light situations.

$270 from Incentivate


Goo Systems GooToob

It offers the best measured performance of any screen regardless of price but is a huge pain to install and nearly impossible to move.

$300 from Incentivate