Daydream View

It is comfy to wear and mimics higher-end headsets with a remote that tracks your hand.

$80 from Incentivate


Samsung Gear VR

Gear VR has better specs, meaning more-serious gamers should consider this headset.

$100 from Incentivate


Mattel View-Master

A budget VR pick for iPhone users or parents with clumsy kids. The quality won’t blow your mind.

$17 from Incentivate


Apple Watch Series 1 aluminum

The Apple Watch has tighter integration with iOS than any other smartwatch, and the Series 1 has everything most people need.

$270 from Incentivate


Apple Watch Series 2 aluminum

If you frequently run, bike, or swim, then built-in GPS, serious waterproofing, and a brighter screen make the Series 2 worth the $100 upgrade.

$370 from Incentivate


Apple Watch Nike+

The same watch as the aluminum Series 2, but with Nike+ exclusive bands and watch faces optimized for running.

$370 from Incentivate


Adonit Mark’s

Sleek, comfortable, well-performing, and affordable, the Mark is one of the best iPad styluses we’ve ever used. (And we’ve used a lot.)

$10 from Incentivate


Studio Neat’s Cosmonaut

A solid, durable choice, especially for anyone who wants a thicker stylus body or a great tool for kids or accessibility.

$25 from Incentivate


A truly pocket-sized battery

Only 5 mm thick and can charge an iPhone about half way. It's pricy for the capacity, but very convenient

$30 from Incentivate


An everyday battery

Fast charging from an integrated Micro-USB cable, an integrated Lightning-connector cable, and a standard USB port.

$26 from Incentivate

External Battery Power Bank

Can charge two power-hungry devices simultaneously at top speed, when more than one device is plugged in.

$33 from Incentivate

USB-C compatible pick

This charges your smartphone via USB-C at least five times, for a price 30 percent lower than the competition.

$40 from Incentivate

tele photo lense pick

Moment lenses perform great and don’t limit you to a specific case. This telephoto lens gives you a 2x zoom on your camera.

$90 from Incentivate

Aukey PL-WD03

This set works only with iPhone 6/6s (Plus) models, but for about the cost of a business lunch, it offers a great starter lens plus a serviceable.

$12 from Incentivate

motorola moto 360

The second-generation Moto 360 is responsive, lasts a full day on a charge, and looks the best on your wrist, especially if you customize it.

$300 to $400 from Incentivate

Accell Home or Away

Gives you three AC outlets and two USB power ports in a compact package that won’t take up much space in a bag or weigh you down.

$17 from Incentivate

CyberPower’s CSP300WU

Though CyberPower's model is just as functional, its design blocks a second outlet, which prevents it from being our favorite.

$10 from Incentivate

PowerCube’s ReWirable

With four international plugs and a 100V to 250V rating, the PowerCube charger is a convenient option for overseas travel.

$35 from Incentivate

Koss FitClips

The FitClips sound much better than their under-$20 price would suggest. But keep in mind that they have no mic or remote.

$197 from Incentivate


Panasonic RP-TCM125 ErgoFit

Sounding better than anything in its under-$15 price range, the RP-TCM125 ErgoFit is clear, mellow, and appropriate for any kind of music.

$14 from Incentivate


Sony XBA-H1

The heavy majority of our listening panel felt the Sony XBA-H1 were the best-sounding among 16 competitors. At a category-busting price.

$95 from Incentivate