A truly pocket-sized battery

Only 5 mm thick and can charge an iPhone about half way. It's pricy for the capacity, but very convenient

$30 from Incentivate


An everyday battery

Fast charging from an integrated Micro-USB cable, an integrated Lightning-connector cable, and a standard USB port.

$26 from Incentivate

External Battery Power Bank

Can charge two power-hungry devices simultaneously at top speed, when more than one device is plugged in.

$33 from Incentivate

A more-powerful pack for traveling

Delivers the highest output of any battery we tested—5.5 A across three ports, or 2.4 A per port.

$40 from Incentivate


For quick charge-compatible devices

QC3 compatibility and good capacity at a fair price. Few 3.0 batteries deliver both plus fast recharge speeds when it’s time for a boost.

$40 from Incentivate

USB-C compatible pick for mobile devices

This charges your smartphone via USB-C at least five times, for a price 30 percent lower than the competition.

$40 from Incentivate

The best rechargeable AA battery

The Recharge batteries proved their worth in testing with high capacity and longevity after dozens of recharges.

$16 from Incentivate

Panasonic eneloop 2100 Cycle Rechargeable

Set-it-and-forget it simple thanks to good charging automation that will keep your batteries healthy.

$20 from Incentivate

Panasonic eneloop 2100 Cycle Rechargeable

The Eneloops perform roughly the same as the Energizers but sell for around 25 percent more, go ahead and get these.

$20 from Incentivate

Compact battery pack with AC power output

When you're traveling, outdoors, or in a crowded coffee shop, this 27-Ah hardcover-book-size battery pack will seem like a lifesaver.

$200 from Incentivate

If you want more power (and can handle more weight)

You won’t toss the 30-pound Yeti 400 in a bag, but its additional power will give you a lot more flexibility.

$410 from Incentivate

APC Back-UPS Pro

The BR1000G can keep a workstation running for 15 minutes or most networks up for over two hours, and it has a small LCD so you can keep track of its performance.

$122 from Incentivate

The best UPS for a home network

The CP685AVR can keep your Wi-Fi network up for an hour in a blackout, and it’s affordable enough to pick up “just in case.”

$70 from Incentivate

If it’s less expensive

The BE650G1 has all the same features as our top pick and performed about as well in our tests. If this APC model is cheaper, get it instead.

$70 from Incentivate

Anker [5-Pack] PowerLine Micro USB - for Samsung, Nexus, LG, Android and More

Multiple cables at a great price.

$5 from Incentivate

A shorter cable

The same great cable in a 1-foot length.

$5 from Incentivate

A longer cable

The same great cable in a 6-foot length.

$6 from Incentivate

The longest Anker cable

A crazy-long 10-foot cable.

$7 from Incentivate

Anker USB 3.0 10-Port Hub

The Anker AH231 10-port USB hub has nine USB 3.0 data ports and one 2.1-amp charging port.

$50 from Incentivate

Sabrent USB 3.0 4-Port

Sabrent HB-W4U3 is the most portable of our recommendations,it’s compact and relatively flat.

$25 from Incentivate

Anker USB 3.0 7-Port Hub

If you don’t need to be able to quickly charge power-hungry tablets and phones.

$30 from Incentivate

Anker 15W Dual USB Solar Charger

Weighing just 12.5 ounces and measuring 18 by 11 inches unfolded, our pick can charge tablets slowly and most phones at nearly full speed.

$50 from Incentivate

Cuts off power if it can’t stop surges

This 10-outlet surge protector stops power delivery once the protection wears out while also meeting our bar for quality.

$30 from Incentivate

Compact protection for the nightstand

This compact, conical design gives easy access to all six outlets and has two USB ports, and blocks power when protection fails.

$27 from Incentivate

An upgrade for maximizing your mAh

This offers customizable charging options at an affordable price, but only get it if you want to set up.

$35 from Incentivate

Reliable charging and minimal fuss

The Panasonic charger does all the work for you, accurately charging and maintaining your batteries without a single button press.

$16 from Incentivate

Upgrade for charging eight batteries

Accurate charging for one to eight batteries at a time that lets you monitor progress but doesn’t require much user input.

$40 from Incentivate